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Tommee tippee trainer straw cups - leaking on its own from suction?

Anyone have these cups and find it leaks/creeps up the straw from the suction? All by itself? Kind of like phantom milk haha I think the suction doesn’t break so it keeps “leaking” and I use quotes because it’s defying gravity with the suction as the cup is upright. I’ve checked that the vent is open, everything is as they suggest... Really want to love these cups as I’m trying to delegate different cups for milk and water. Baby can do 360, straws, hard spout, camelback... but 360 spills if it’s dropped, hard spout they say is bad/baby chews on it, camelback I am reserving for water as sometimes it does the same suction thing, plus it’s easier to have when out and about. Thanks!

  • Anonymous
    Jul 17

    Yuuuuup. Hated those cups. Especially with milk.

  • cocomac
    Jul 17

    😭😭 ugh!!!