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Too much screen time?


What is considered too much TV for a baby? My LO is 12mo next week. I don't have the TV on often as she kind of gets zoned out when she watches Super Simple Songs. It worried me a bit so stopped turning on the TV so much. I only turn on the TV when she is super grumpy and there is nothing else that she wants to do. What do ya'll think?

  • Anonymous
    Sep 26, 2018

    We're all winging it right? Use your best judgement.

  • Miss Kaye
    Sep 26, 2018

    It honestly doesn’t matter... the amount of screen time kids watch is such a trivial thing to fuss over. I don’t get why people make such a big deal over it

  • Jen
    Sep 26, 2018

    My boy is 19 months and I have Thomas the tank on allll the time he only pays attention maybe 20% of the time. He barely cares and barely asks for it

  • RichardNadine
    Sep 27, 2018

    They did a study and it say anything over two hrs stops learning and hinders the child i don’t know they are just an article I read but some days u needin your sanity lol so try different stimulation music out of a player massage playdoh

  • Stay-At-Home Dan
    Sep 27, 2018

    My daughter watches Simple Songs all the time. We also go outside and read several books everyday. Balance is the key. We also sing and dance to a bunch of the Simple Songs’ tunes. She has learnt a few things from the songs as well like the difference between “up” and “down” and a few words. First time clapping was while watching Simple Songs. Do what works for your family. 😁

  • Angela
    Sep 27, 2018

    I have super simple songs on my tv all day along with baby first and he is 1. It’s mostly songs or just educational colors numbers etc. so he’s moving and grooving dancing to all the songs now mimics them by stomping, tring to hop, waking. Singing and showing me number 1 on this hands dose happy and you know it. Also does animal sounds. At time on his own he goes off to his room where there is no tv and reads a book so he’s not glued all day. He still loves to go outside and for walks.

  • Angela
    Sep 27, 2018

    Honestly how else are we suppposed to pee or get anything done 💁🙈

  • Lulu
    Sep 27, 2018

    Amen Angela!

  • Krystin
    Sep 27, 2018

    My daughter is 15 months old and she watches tv an hour or so a day and she gets some time on my iPad in addition, we have educational games and shows on it she plays and watches so she is allowed a few hours for that but she will walk away and come back so it’s not constant lol I’m not really too concerned about “screen time” My daughter is so advanced for her age, my pediatrician has been blown away, so whatever I’m doing is working 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Jamie
    Sep 28, 2018

    American Pediatric Association recommends no screen time for children under 2. We read books and listen to music or play

  • Kylee
    Sep 30, 2018

    I have little baby bum or some kind of educational cartoon or something on almost all day. She just runs around and plays going back and forth from her room to the living room or following me around. She very rarely sits and watches (unless it’s Moana) it’s really just there for background noise.