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Took Plan B..


My husband and I had a slip up, so we decided I should take the morning after pill. I spotted little bit of light pink for 1-2 days a few days after taking it but never got my period after. I took it on Jan 20th and was supposed to get my period Feb 10th but it hasn’t arrived. Also took 4 pregnancy tests (4 days ago) which all came back negative.. Anyone have experience with Plan B?

  • Anonymous
    Feb 25

    I took it several years ago and all I remember about it was that it messed me up for several months. I used to be super regular with mild cramps but then I was irregular and had severe cramps for several months.

  • Amanda
    Feb 25

    It can throw off your cycle for a bit. I skipped a month when I took one but was back on track the next month. Everyone will handle it a bit different but as long as you took it in the right time frame and the tests are negative it sounds like you are in the clear.