London, Greater London


Took the kids here right at the 5:00 opening time. Room to park the stroller, no one else in the bar. Surprisingly peaceful family dinner! The kids shared a gourmet hot dog, we each had an amazing stone baked pizza and a beer. A very chill end to a very big day.

  • Anne
    Apr 22, 2017

    Thank you for posting about your adventures in London! I would love to visit with my kids.

  • Sara
    Apr 22, 2017

    Same! On our bucket list!

  • Anonymous
    Apr 23, 2017

    When I get home next week I'll start a "tips for touring London" post. It's not as kid-friendly as the US (restrooms are hard to find, for example) but in some ways everyone is friendly TO kids, if that makes sense. People let us go first when there is a long bathroom line, jump up to offer seats on the tube, make friendly comments when the kids are fussing, constantly tell us how cute our kids are, etc. ❤️