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Toys for toddler


Toys r Us is history. Learning Express is pricey. Amazon offers very few engaging options. What are some other places to get educational toys for toddlers? I am trying to keep my 2.8 year old away from tv and electronics till he is 4,m. Possible?

  • Tiana
    Jun 01

    Craigslist. People are trying to get rid of so many lovely toys at a steep discount. We have a one in-one out policy. We’re always getting new and selling old toys. Feels environmentally friendly too, especially once you sell a toy to it’s third or fourth home.

  • PK
    Jun 03

    So lakeshore has great toys... but they’re also pricey. But take a look at what they have to get ideas and search for cheaper alternatives on amazon? Or even check out Facebook marketplace, offerup and letgo. Check out @busytoddler on instagram.. she has great activity ideas that are educational too. Some times she shares discount codes for lakeshore. I think you can also sign up for text alerts from lakeshore and get your own discount codes

  • Nikki
    Jun 03

    Melissa and Doug make great educational toys. Amazon sells them, but Kohl’s sells some items too. Using their coupons, you can come out with some great buys! AC Moore sells them as well and they have a rewards program and coupons too! Many of their toys are wood, as opposed to plastic.

  • Jenn
    Jun 09

    I've gotten lots of good stuff at consignment stores, yard sales, Facebook marketplace.