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Transition from crib to toddler bed.


Any advice for transitioning a 2 year old from a crib to a toddler bed? She is a good sleeper so I’m worried for the change. We are expecting a second child so hoping to make the transition sooner rather than later.

  • Anonymous
    Apr 23

    Child proof the heck out of her room, put a child lock on the handle and tuck her in as you usually would but I’d say 30 min earlier than normal. She will get out of bed and she will play and play until she passes out, probably not longer than hour. She’ll probably fall asleep on the floor and just move her back to her bed. Having a monitor is a must! After a few days she’ll get the picture and she’ll play less and less. She’ll be extra tired from sleeping less lol give yourself some motivation bc just like potty training it’s a process and it’ll probably be 4-5 long days. Just be consistent and firm, don’t give in! Remind her it’s time to rest not to play. You can do ittttttt!

  • Nana
    Apr 23

    Personally I would leave her in her in her crib. Borrow a crib for the baby.

  • Laura
    Apr 23

    Is she climbing out? If not, I agree with Nana to keep her in the crib as long as possible.

  • Caroline
    Apr 23

    Floor bed!

  • Anne
    Apr 23

    Put the mattress on the floor (or on a low box spring). She will most likely get out of bed and fall asleep on the floor for a few nights. You can help ease the transition by letting her pick out her own sheets and maybe a special new blanket, too. We did the transition cold turkey with our 2 year old before baby came along. He did just fine. Make sure everything is bolted to the wall!

  • K
    Apr 23

    Our son was in a toddler bed by 15 mths and went into his twin at 2.5. Just get her excited, let her be a part of the process. He loved picking out his bedding. Also, you can’t beat the foam bumpers. They go under the sheets and allow you to lay and get up comfortably. She will do great!

  • Alex
    Apr 25

    I started doing naps in his toddler bed for a few days, on the third day night time in his big boy bed was a breeze.

  • Kelly
    Apr 25

    If she’s sleeping well, I’d wait a little bit, especially if you don’t plan to put the new baby in that room immediately. We had this same concern when we were expecting baby #2 and I regret moving my oldest too soon. When you do move her over, mattress on the floor!

  • Lauren
    Apr 29

    I just transitioned my 1 year old to a toddler bed. I made a big deal about his new pillow and big boy bed to get him excited, which was made easier by his birthday. Then we just took of the rail and jumped in (with no toddler rail) He has fallen a few times but does amazing. Just make sure you have a baby proofed room and that you shut the door or gate off the doorway.

  • Jess
    May 10

    Get a bed that has higher sides or is similar to a character bed or something she’s interested in so she’s more inspired to stay in it. Or get her bed with rails on all sides find a side rail to extend the safety on one side and put the other side against a wall.

  • Anonymous
    Jun 10

    Thank you everyone. We transitioned her a few weeks ago and she’s been doing excellent. Thanks for the advice!