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Transitioning from a house to an apartment


Anyone transition from a house to an apartment with 2 kids during a divorce? Apart from the huge cut in square footage what were your experiences?

  • Emily
    Oct 13, 2018

    I didn’t in a divorce but I did go from a house to an apartment. I think the biggest difference was how close neighbors are. And having to weed through everything and become very good at storage! Idk how big your house was compared to your apartment. But I ended up having to get a living room set because mine would just not fit and if it did, it would have been awkward. Also kitchen space was a lot less and I had to strip to the bare essentials. As for my daughter she had to give up a lot of toys. The bunk beds with the storage compartments became my favorite thing in her room. It held so many things. Also the nets for the stuffed animals. Positives are you can make friends with the neighbors. There’s normally a good bit of kids in apartments. Maintenance is normally fast.