Transitioning from one daycare to another for a 1 yr old ?? Parents, how do we handle the transition?

  • Sara
    Jul 24

    I'd try to keep the rest of the routine as familiar as possible. If there's a special blanky they nap with, or stuffed animal they bring, I'd keep that consistent. Have the same person who has been doing dropoff/pickup do it with the new daycare. Basically try to keep other stuff about the routine constant as they deal with this big transition (then can introduce more changes). In general I'd expect it to be rocky for a couple weeks (might be less, depends on your kid!) but after that they should settle in just fine.

  • Laura
    Jul 24

    Our daycare has a different building for the infant class, so it was basically a transition to a new daycare at 14 months. I don't remember it being that hard. Try to ease them in by spending as much time as you can with them at the new daycare. And be prepared for tears when you leave, but I bet the teachers will report that they stop crying within minutes.

  • anonymous mom
    Jul 25

    They take it so much better than the parents 😊. It will be ok, your lo will do just fine!!!