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Transitioning to cup

What age did you break your child from the bottle? My LO is 17 months today. I want to start being more consistent with offering the cup before the bottle but he is just not interested right now. He will drink from a sippy cup a little throughout the day but definitely loves his bottles. What sippy cups do you like? Thanks!

  • Sara
    Dec 23

    My only suggestion would be for you to start drinking out of cups around your LO. My husband and I would hold our little guy on our hip while we drank water from a clear glass and that’s what got him interested in cups! It is actually kind of a double edge sword because now he refuses to drink anything with a lid (except bottles of course). So when he started daycare a couple weeks ago we started following what they do... give him a cup (no lid) with a tiny amount of water in it and then let him drink himself. Of course the first few times he choked on the water or spilled it all down the front of himself but he loves having that “power” and he’s getting better and better as time passes. If this doesn’t sound like your preferred method then I would also suggest the Miracle 360 cups 👍🏻

  • Marie
    Dec 23

    My kids all stopped on their own at age 1 and used sippy cups

  • Holly Garnett-Pedreira
    Dec 23

    Cut out bottles completely. Get a sippy cup with a silicone top that is sort of like a bottle... that's what I did. I'll send the link to the one I got. My son didnt even care about the switch! NUK Disney Learner Sippy Cup, Mickey Mouse, 5oz 1pk

  • Amanda
    Dec 23

    For my 2nd child, I completely packed up the bottles at around 13 months. It was more my issue than hers, as giving a bottle was just easier. So eventually decided it was time to not be lazy about it anymore. She preferred the bottle, but was fine with the change. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Also, I’ve been through sooo many kinds of sippy cups. The ones I found that have the least amount of leakage, even when dropped or thrown, are the Re-Play recycled cups.

  • T
    Dec 24

    12 months. I got rid of all of them. She was using regular cups around 11 months.

  • Lauren
    Dec 27

    My son gave up the bottle on his own at 15 months. He realized that he liked a cup with a straw better. I thought giving up the bottle was going to be so hard and horrible, but once we found cups he liked it just happened naturally. He never likes regular supply cups, just straw cups so try a variety and see what works best for your little one.