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Transitioning to milk in a sippy cup

My LO will be 1 on Wednesday 😍😍😭😭😭😭😭 I have been slowly reducing her formula and putting more milk in her bottle to get her used to milk. My goal is to also stop the bottle at 1 and just do sippy cups, but it just dawned on me that she may not go for that. I tried giving her 1 of her bottles today in a sippy cup and she wouldn't take it. When I put it back in the bottle, she drank it. Any tips or tricks? Sippy cups that you like? We have Avent ones with both soft and half nozzles.

  • Anonymous
    May 14

    Just keep offering in the sippy cup, you could try a few different kinds, but if you put it in the bottle when she fusses or won't drink it then she will learn to wait it out for the bottle. She should be eating enough solids by this point that if she doesn't drink the milk she will be fine. Also have you introduced the sippy cup before this? If she hasn't used one at all she may not know what to do.

  • Kiva
    May 14

    It took a week of trying every day before my son would drink from his sippy cup. We used the Avent soft spout.

  • Kieli
    May 14

    I switched my daughter to Nuk soft spouted sippy cup and she took to it like a charm. I also made the transition easier by warming the sippy cup like how she was used to, then slowly let it get colder and colder. And now she loves her milk with ice in it, she will spit it out if it’s warm.

  • Fara
    Jun 30

    Jenn, I had the same question! Thank you Winnie group sourcing! Relatedly, I've been trying to get him used to drinking regular water (from his bottle) by lessening how much formula in the bottles week by week. For example, instead of four scoops for 8oz, I'm only putting in two. He's eating solid-ish foods just fine, so I'm more concerned about the dehydration thing, rather than him receiving the formula nutrition. He's fine with me doing the giving him the suction-in-a-straw maneuver, but since it's so much thinner than formula, it comes out too fast for him via bottle. I hadn't even considered transition to milk. It literally didn't even occur to me. 🀦