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Traveling to SF with a 1yo and 3mo advice


Me, my husband and 2 kids will be flying for the first time to SF from LAX for a weekend. We'll be flying with Alaskan Airlines. Does anyone know of a rideshare service similar to Uber/Lyft that includes a carseat? We won't be renting a car so we won't be bringing our toddler's bulky car seat. Also how does transporting a double stroller into the airplane work? We have the Uno2Duo double stroller and we'll be bringing the infant carseat that just clicks onto the top of the frame as well as the seat attachment for our toddler. Also how does bringing a pack and play work at the airport? Any advice would be helpful!

  • Joanna
    May 09, 2019

    Ask on Nextdoor about a ride. At least in my suburban area there are a few go-to Uber drivers who are willing to store a car seat and bring it to pick up. For your stroller, you will have it tagged at the gate. If you want to put it in a bag, it's up to you. Leave it folded plane side and it should be brought to you at the gate when you land. Same for the car seat if you don't use it on the flight. You can check it in as baggage too like the pack n play.

  • B
    May 10, 2019

    Where are you staying? Most hotels and many Airbnb’s have pack and plays so you don’t have to lug it. But if you do, you’ll check it in like a suitcase. I’d wrap it in a bag or something. Infant car seat and stroller get checked at the gate or when you check luggage (your decision). Sometimes uber has an uber family option with a car seat. You could check online to see if LA has it.