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Traveling with a three month old by airplane

Have anyone traveled by airplane with a baby at this age before? What did you do to make the baby calm!? My baby drink milk at the bottle, She never liked breastfeeding. I will have a international travel (24hs) with my three month old for the first time and I don’t know what can I do for don’t disturb the people around with her cries. And I don’t know how she will be going.

  • Sarah
    Jan 04

    Remember to feed a bottle to your baby as the plane is descending. The air pressure hurts their ears and it helps them to swallow something. Helps keep them from screaming in pain.

  • Tiana
    Jan 04

    You’re traveling at the best time. Traveling with a baby is easy. Just feed them or give paci during take off and landing. The baby is likely to sleep much of the flight. Traveling with a toddler is a whole different experience. Avoid that at all costs. (Still recovering from our ordeal over the holidays)

  • Paula
    Jan 04

    I have taken 3 different trips with my baby (3, 9 & 10 was international). The biggest thing was making sure she was sucking on her pacifier during take off and landing even if she was asleep. Buy a new toy and don’t give it to your baby until your on the plane and hide it until your return flight. Once your home after your trip baby can keep it. The new toy definitely helped the older my baby was.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 05

    I’ve traveled with my son once a month since he was born! 1-5 months was the easiest for sure. I’d just do my best to keep him up as long as possible before the flight and 4/5 flights he slept the entire way! Check the car seat and stroller and just wear baby in a carrier, it’s much easier through airport and security. Bring a change of clothes for you and baby and give bottle or passy on take off and landing (sometimes I didn’t if he was sleeping).

  • Ady
    Jan 05

    I just travelled with my 6 mnth baby...You don't need to worry...just feed her when she is hungry... babies generally sleep in flight becoz of the motion.So enjoy ur travel.