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Traveling with a toddler

When your going out of state with a you bring your car seat with you? Like riding in an Uber or Lyft. I’m just dreading bringing my LO’s car seat with me. Seeing as I’ll be traveling by myself. That’s just a lot to carry. I’ve been looking online for traveling light weight car seats but so far I’ve only see travel booster seats. She’s one so that’s no going to work. Any suggestions or is it not necessary to bring it to ride In lyft or uber?

  • B
    Jun 22, 2019

    You 100% need a car seat. Most Uber and lyft cars don’t have them (some places have Uber family option but it’s unreliable). Another option is to buy one wherever you are going and have it waiting. Some places have rental places that will meet you at the airport. But that’s expensive. Id just bring it and check it at the airport. They even sell little carts you can pull it on if that’s helpful.

  • PK
    Jun 22, 2019

    Could you rent a car wherever you’re going? Bring your own car seat and rent so that you don’t have to constantly install and take out the car seat when riding in a car.

  • Jamie
    Aug 08, 2019

    I like what both of these ladies said, consider all those options and decide what would work best for your trip. Good luck!