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Trouble with solids past purées

So my little booger is 8.5 months now. We’ve been doing purées since 4.5 months. At first, he absolutely loved them, and was totally okay with a spoon. He self feeds pretty well. Starting about 3 weeks ago, we started trying to transition to textures (mashed beans and rice, mashed peas, mashed soft foods, etc). Every time something hits the back of his mouth he gags until he throws up! Now he’s having trouble even with a spoon. Advice? Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks in advance!

  • Ashley
    Dec 17, 2018

    Just give your little one more time. Our son was 10 months before he could handle table food. If you’re really anxious, talk to your pediatrician. Some ‘gateway’ foods that helped were the baby puffs and yogurt bites. Both dissolve in baby’s mouth and they can practice their pincher grasp! We would also put frozen fruit in a mesh feeder for new textures without gagging.

  • Jazzbird
    Dec 17, 2018

    I would look into Baby-led Weaning. It seems a little strange when starting out, but works well to help little ones explore table foods and different textures.

  • KZR💛
    Dec 27

    Happened to my LO when she was 10 months. She just refused all food that was fed to her. I started to give her some things by hand but she didn’t really eat for almost a week — it was nuts! I was so worried. But if he’s having formula or bm, don’t worry. Keep trying! She quickly picked up finger foods and now will eat anything (including her purees that I had frozen)!