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Trying to stop breastfeeding

Hey moms, I need help. My son is turning 1 this Sunday (on the 13th) and he has 8 teeth already. I’m trying to get him off the boob but he’s a fighter and doesn’t want to get off. Any suggestion moms

  • Porsche
    Oct 12

    Try to bandaid your nipples.

  • Candace
    Oct 12

    Porsche, I tried but he pulled them off

  • Erin
    Oct 22

    My son too! 1 year with 10 teeth! We started with before bedtime only offering bottle about 2 weeks ago. He screamed it out for about 20m night one, then 10m night two. And so on. He still wants the comfort of it in the middle of the night which is my next and final weaning step.