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Trying to wean our 21mo daughter and it’s harder than it was with our boy (now 3yo).

With him we dropped the most easily distractible nursing’s until it was just overnight, then would tell him ‘all gone’ after a short nursing, then replaced with milk and then water... We also had the deadline of new baby coming. He was 16mo. Our daughter can’t seem to get over the morning nursing (we’ve dropped and she’s okay without boob to fall asleep) and can’t call back asleep with her hand in my shirt and just cries :( and we don’t want that. I know she can do it because she does fall asleep without, naps in the stroller etc. Did we wait too long, or is it too soon, or just personality?

  • Elizabeth
    May 23, 2019

    My daughter didn’t give up that morning nursing until she was 22 months. I think my son will do it sooner. She just clung to me a lot more then.

  • K
    May 23, 2019

    My son nursed until a little after 2. By that time it was only before bed for a minute or two. I was waiting fir him to wean but had to push for it myself bc I was early in a twin pregnancy (had no idea at the time) and the hormones made it excruciating! Now here I am with 18 mth twin girls who are not giving it up. Wtf? You have no idea how many people told me, as well as how many times I’ve read, that girls wean early. I know they can skip the bedtime nurse bc they have, but they live for the morning feed. The one trick I found works is to have food at their table when they get up. They make a bee line for it. I’ve read that sometimes you just have to have your spouse do the bedtime or morning routine a few nights. We did that for my son as well. Good luck!!

  • Sarah
    May 24, 2019

    If you start to give her something that excited her and tell her she can have it if she doesn’t have milk that day, it may work! My mom did that with my pacifier and said I gave it up so quickly after that!