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TV and husband


Husbands first thing is turn on tv for the toddler. I keep telling him in a nice way and even angry way that he can't do that. That we need time limit and discipline. And then he always gets upset and storms out and says fine do it your way. Im so tired guys. Today i mentioned that maybe ill just never do screen time so whenever sons time with him is t.v. time and thatll be enough. And of course he got mad. And i had to apologize. Sigh. How did you guys work it out

  • PK
    Jun 03

    Why would he get mad that you won’t do screen time and your son will just get screen time with your husband? We kind of do that. I’m a SAHM. I take my son out for adventures in the morning while my husband is at work and then we come home, lunch and nap. He wakes up and he gets his snack and an hour of shows then I shut it off and we go do something else. Drives me nuts that that’s the first thing my husband does... it’s gotten a bit better now though. And I think because it got to a point where our son never wanted to play with dad because he never played with him. Made my husband sad that when we are building towers in his room that if dad comes into the room, our son gets mad, shoves dad out of the room and shuts the door. So my husband makes more of an effort to play with our son now and 80% of the time I think he follows my screen time rules. Maybe you can talk to him about how it may affect his relationship with his son and ask him how he feels about that? You can bring up our story... it also really shows when grandparents visit. My FIL only watches tv when he comes to visit (guess that’s where my husband got it from) and my MIL will sit and play with our son. So naturally... he’s more attached to her.

  • Raji
    Jun 03

    I just straight up tell my husband tv isn’t an option all the time. That it isn’t good for her. He usually reads to her, play with a ball, go for a walk etc. fathers can do so much with their kiddos especially now tat the weather is nice.

  • Natasha
    Jun 09

    My husband resorts to tv first as well and it makes me frustrated. I just try to overcompensate by making sure we do lots of other non tv related activities in the other time when it’s just us so that he doesn’t get too attached to screens and tv time.