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Two kiddos close in age- bath routine?


In a few months I will have a newborn and a 2 year old. For those with kiddos close in age, how do you manage bath time with two? Once they’re older I know it’s easier. But I’m more so asking about the first few months when my littlest one will be tiny. Should I give them baths separately or try to do it all at once (saving time/energy). Just trying to get an idea of what my new “routine” could look like. FYI my husband is around and helpful too but if I could do bath time with the kids he could work on something else.

  • Anne
    Apr 16

    My kids are 2 years apart. For the first 2-3 months with the baby, I did bath time separately in her own little tub. I let my 2 year old play on his Amazon Fire during the baby’s bath, or help if he was up to it. Because the baby’s baths used to be short (less than 10 minutes), it was easier to entertain the 2 year old. Starting around 5-6 months, I stick the big plastic baby tub (baby only) in the tub and give both kids a bath at the same time. They both get a kick out of it! When the baby is done, I get her dressed (laying on towel on bathroom floor) while my son plays for a few extra minutes before it’s his turn to get out. Side note: the plastic tub takes up a lot of room. We use this toy for the 2 year old so I don’t have to keep the water running. When it’s time to drain the baby’s tub, I pull the plug on the bathtub, too, and then refill it when the 2 year old is solo.

  • Katie
    Apr 17

    My son is 3 months and I may start trying to do baths together with him and my 2 year old. Right now I alternate nights of who gets a bath and my son still gets a bath in the sink too, a lot of times his sister likes to try and help me or at least entertain him. I’d like the baby to be able to sit up independently before putting them both in the tub though so I’m not having to be in the tub with them every night. They both love bath time and each other so I’m sure getting to bathe together would seem like the greatest thing ever.

  • Anne
    Apr 18

    Mine are 19 months apart. Congrats btw!! It’s amazing and IMO 2 years is a great age gap. They’re 4 and 6 now and it’s a lot of fun. When the little one was a baby he got baths by himself until he could sit up unassisted, then we started to do joint bath. Typical routine was I would run a little water in the bath, put the bath pad in, wash up the baby, then take him out and put him to sleep while my hubby bathed the toddler. This was helpful because it kept the toddler busy while baby was trying to sleep! Pic attached of first bath together 🥰

  • Anonymous
    Apr 18

    Thank you so much for sharing (including pictures)! Do you think it matters if it will be boy/girl v. same gender siblings? When do kids start noticing that sort of thing?

  • Anne
    Apr 18

    I don’t think gender matters for bath time when they’re so young. I have a son (2) and daughter (8 mo). I’m not sure when kids start noticing. My son is more interested in playing with his bath toys than, thankfully.

  • Rick
    Apr 26

    Mine love to bathe together. I just close the shower curtain and let them play. (After they’re clean of course.)