Type 1 Diabetes for 6 year old

Just found out my 6 year old has Type 1 diabetes. I got all the medical information and the doctors are figuring out insulin dosage etc. I just wanted to see if anyone has experience with this and can offer any advice or words of comfort? A bit of a tough time.

  • A
    Mar 08

    I don't have any advice but I'm sorry Y'all are going through this. It's hard to see children through any hardship big or small. Hang in there mama. You got this!

  • Josh
    Mar 08

    My sister got type 1 when she was 12. She learned how to do all the testing, measuring insulin, doing shots, etc. She now has her own 7 year old. These days there’s tons of understanding and support groups, special camps for ‘betes kids and great tech like closed loop continuous glucose monitoring systems with alerts for parents and school nurses. I’ve attended some events with my sis that was full of betes kids and they are all resilient, active and healthy!

  • Josh
    Mar 08

    That is to say: don’t worry. It’s hard at first but your kid will learn quickly and it won’t hold them back.

  • Anonymous
    Mar 08

    My brother was diagnosed at 4 years old. His blood sugar was 9x what it should be. They saved him in the ambulance. Doctors suspect there was some minor brain damage. He is now 9. Healthy and happy. He asked my dad to buy him a sweatshirt he found online that says " Proud owner of a useless pancreas". My parents were very honest with him about his diabetes and I think that has made it a lot easier for him.

  • Blaire
    Mar 09

    My little brother was diagnosed about 20 years ago. It’s so hard at first and overwhelming, but it does get easier and medical advances have come SO FAR!! Just wanted to say I’m sorry to you but also that it will get easier. Sending love!

  • K
    Mar 12

    As a T1D too, diagnosed age 8, I imagine as a parent this is very overwhelming. Take a moment - kids are so resilient. Your child will adjust to the new normal, and you will too (just maybe not so easily). Life isn't terribly different. I think type 1 diabetes made me more determined. Imagine when your child totally adapts to this, what else they can overcome. Any questions, feel free to ask. There are a lot of online (& maybe physical) support groups for parents. ADA is great also. Get Diabetes Forecast for info and perspective. You got this :)

  • Teresa
    Mar 14

    As a family, y’all can do this! Have a terrific Thursday!

  • Kris
    Mar 14

    JDRF! Funds research and offers support and advice for type 1: kids, parents and family through all stages of life.