Unique Extracurricular Ideas?

I'm interested in finding unique extracurricular activities for kids (approximately toddler through grade school.) I know that a lot of programs offer sports like soccer, basketball, swimming. And then there are language courses for kids, usually Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and French. But I'm wondering if there are parents/caregivers out there who have found really unique activities for kids to participate in? Are there unique sports or languages or craft classes that you've found? Something for a child to participate in that can be unique, instead of sticking with the most popular choices? I recently heard of one little girl who is taking Irish dancing lessons. I'd love to learn about similarly unique extracurricular activities that kids can enjoy!

  • Steve
    Jan 16

    This is a great opportunity to explore something culturally interesting- ie friends' kids are learning tabla (Indian drums) and another one is doing a cooking class around different African cuisines

  • B
    Jan 16

    I work at an educational makerspace. We have awesome after school and camps for kids. Coding, building things, etc. kindergarten and up

  • anonymous mom
    Jan 17

    We have a local grocery store that offers toddler cooking classes once per month. They make it color themed and my daughter loves it. Also my close friend sends her toddler to belly dancing classes, lol.

  • Katrina
    Jan 17

    My 6yo niece got a membership at a rock climbing gym as a Christmas gift. She LOVES it. It's not only great physical exercise but has a lot of other hidden benefits like improving/learning new motor skills, stimulates critical thinking and encourages bravery and facing fears! She monkeyed up nearly 30 ft here and each time gets the courage to go a little higher. <3

  • Amanda
    Jan 18

    The rock climbing looks so cool!! So do the makerspace and cooking classes! I think that cooking classes is such a neat activity for kids and likely teaches them some great skills for adulthood!

  • Tennsie Hsi
    Jan 21

    Both my boys are taking tap & ballet dancing.

  • Kira
    Feb 17

    My oldest daughter(now 11) started aerial dance and Lyra classes 3 yrs ago. She loves it. My youngest daughter (3yrs old) loves horses so I put her in horseback riding lessons a few weeks ago and she is loving it so much it’s hard to get her to leave the barn 🙂