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Unpopular opinion (?):Haaka


Background- when baby was having light therapy for jaundice at 3 days old, I emptied out my engorged boobs with hospital grade pump because we had only 20 minutes outside the box per 2 hours including diaper change.. and it seems pumping that early on affects supply. At home on leave, I used the Haaka every time since baby only took 1 boob at a time. I built a great frozen stash. Now I’m realizing, the Haaka may have contributed or kept my oversupply going! Because it wasn’t collecting drips, it would actually suction out or slowly draw out milk and empty my breast! I think the Haaka could actually be creating an oversupply for women! Because If baby only takes 1 boob, then my supply should take a couple days to adjust right? But I kept on Haaka-ing therefore maintaining the supply. Anyone agree with me or have other thoughts?? FYI, I am normalized now. I think the mini pill affected my supply at 6 weeks.

  • Lisa
    Feb 10, 2019

    For me the whole point of pumping was so I could stop after 6-7 months and have enough to finish out my baby’s first year. I never used the Haaka but I pumped and was able to freeze enough to get me through the kids first year. Not sure if that answers the question... not sure what the question was.

  • MJ
    Feb 10, 2019

    I agree! I definitely collect more in the Haaka than what just naturally would pour out (all over my baby/bra/bedsheets/breast pads/everything).

  • Susan
    Feb 10, 2019

    I had the same experience using Hakaa (since day 3), but do think it is a better option than pumping early on. I had to exclusively pump at 7 weeks when I traveled without my little one and couldn’t use the hakaa after that since it wouldn’t suction as well as the pump. Guess it just depends on what you want to do with your milk supply early on!

  • B
    Feb 10, 2019

    That’s why people use the Haaka. They want to collect more milk than baby is drinking to have a stash. It’s why lactation consultants advise against it for the first month and your supply regulates. Milk is supply and demand. The more you take out the more you’ll keep making.

  • Tiana
    Feb 10, 2019

    I didn’t have this issue and the Hakaa didn’t work as intended on me. Oh well! We’re all different. I busted my ass for 1-3 oz and had to give up as my supply was nowhere near what my baby needed.