Vacation Ideas In The States

My boyfriend & I are looking into taking our vacation soon, but undecided on where to go. We’ve been to Florida, California & Vegas. We would like to go somewhere new, but would also like idea’s on where to go and what to do when we’re out there. (Looking into taking this trip early November.)

  • B
    Aug 17, 2019

    What do you like to do? Nashville and New Orleans are fun cities. New York and DC too. Seattle and Portland are great

  • PK
    Aug 19, 2019

    Florida and California are pretty big states... have you been all over each state already? What about within your own state? Traveling with a LO can be hard. Since having our son, we haven’t really traveled out of state except to visit family in Ohio. But we also live in California so there’s a lot of places we still haven’t been to

  • TV
    Aug 22, 2019

    London. Prague. Napa/Sonoma. Portland, OR. Charleston, SC. Santa Fe, NM.