Valentine's Crafts & Ideas

Valentine's Day is two weeks away and I'm wondering if anyone has ideas for some great Valentine's-themed crafts, snacks, etc? I love making pink cupcakes (with food coloring) and making homemade Valentine's Day cards. What are some other unique and festive ideas?

  • Vicki
    Feb 04

    Heart shaped pink pancakes are fun, add strawberries!

  • Sara
    Feb 04

    I like the pancake idea with strawberries idea! That gives me an idea to do a "red food" tasting with red peppers, raspberries, tomatoes, apples, etc. As far as crafts, doilies are like my favorite valentine's day craft material (with red construction paper)

  • Amanda
    Feb 05

    I just did a craft with 6yoM where we used paper hearts (hearts I had cut out beforehand using construction paper) to make animals! We put hearts of different sizes and colors together to make turtles, dogs, cats, elephants, etc. It was a really fun and neat project!

  • anonymous mom
    Feb 07

    My daughter loves dot dot I drew some valentine themed things on white paper and asked her if she wanted to trace them out with her dot dot markers and she loved it. Another idea that’s crafty and fun and super cheap is to paint rocks. I mean, it sounds so silly but my daughters preschool did this last year and then they sent the painted rocks home with the kids on Valentine’s Day and encouraged them to gift the rocks to someone they love or leave them someplace as a random act of sweetness. My daughter gave her grandparents each a painted rock and then she put one out on our front porch and left the other one next to our neighbors mailbox. I explained to my neighbor what it was all about and she loved the idea and the next time her grandkids were over they painted a bunch of rocks and did the same thing. It kind of spurred a really sweet rock painting and gifting movement in our neighborhood. ❤️😍. Also I’m not sure how it works or if this is still a thing but where I used to live there was an organization named Bens Bells. They held these events where you could go and paint little clay flowers that were used to make little bells that would get hung around the community. It was such a nice thing to do but I’m not sure if this is something you’d have to be local for to access some of the bells or what. Anyway if you search for bens bells online you should be able to see what I mean...I believe the organization was founded by parents who lost their young child suddenly.