Valentines gift ideas for hubby

Hi! I know Valentines Day is a “holiday” that many roll their eyes at, but my hubby and I like to do something small and special for each other. Other than the obvious - chocolate, go out for dinner, sex, cards - what else do y’all give your hubs? If there is anything else? 😂😂

  • Anonymous
    Feb 09, 2019

    Usually a card and some candy, otherwise he’ll be jealous of the kid’s candy! 🤣 depending on when it falls in the week, I might bake something like cupcakes or make a special breakfast.

  • Kieli
    Feb 09, 2019

    My husband had a special coffee cup that broke a while back, so I ordered a new one for him from amazon and of course the day I ordered it he went onto my email and found it! Lol so he was really happy, but not so much a surprise. I like to get him something he’s been really wanting so that way it doesn’t just end up getting thrown out or left sitting around

  • Benjamin
    Feb 09, 2019

    My wife scheduled us a couples massage.