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Virus in early pregnancy


I’m 7 weeks pregnant and had a low grade fever yesterday. It never went above 101 but I did eventually take a dose of Tylenol to bring it down. The fever was due to what seems like an upper respiratory cold. Now the fever is gone today. I’m reading all sorts of scary things on the internet about viruses/fevers/usage of Tylenol in early pregnancy and the potential for it to harm the baby. Anyone have stories to share of first trimester illness involving fever and everything turning out fine? (I know this may sound paranoid but I have a traumatic pregnancy history so just needing to read some positive stories.)

  • Danielle
    Jul 13

    No worries! I had the flu when I was 8ish weeks (even freaked out and went to the ER) they prescribed me tamiflu to help with symptoms but other than that they said it wasn’t really an issue unless the fever got really high or the symptoms lasted longer than a week

  • Anonymous
    Jul 13

    Also know that 101 is barely a fever. So don’t stress it was too high.