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Alright, so me and the fiancé are trying for a baby, I just bought ovulation tests and I am going to start testing this month, we both already take b12 and *I occasionally take evening prim rose* i have 2 bottles of parentals for me to start taking and a bottle of 1 a day mens vitamins for conception for him. I am curious and wondering if i should start taking both prenatal and evening prim rose every day and what else i should or could be taking or doing (tips,tricks advice, etc) to help us. TIA♡

  • Anon
    Feb 08

    What kind of ovulation tests did you get? I used to take the Clear Blue tests. And although they did say I was ovulating (when taken approx a week after period ends), I never got pregnant. I then saw on some forum that people were using the urine test strips (where you dip into the pee, in a cup) everyday and it said I ovulated earlier. Like, right after my period ended! And I got pregnant. These ovulation test strips also come with pregnancy test strips too, so it’s a bonus! Plus, they’re a lot cheaper than Clear Blue. I can’t remember the brand, but I got them on Amazon. I also took B2 vitamins. Something about lengthening the luteal phase. Again, read this in some online forum, and can’t seem to find a link to show you. Good luck!!!

  • Lily
    Feb 14

    Take your ovulation tests a week before you think you will ovulate, because you could be early. Start taking your prenatal now, you need the folic acid that is in them. It is very important for your body to have that when pregnant. Good luck!!:)