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Walkable sleep sack or other warm sleepwear solution.

My 2 year old won’t keep the covers on while she’s sleeping and ends up waking up cold in the middle of the night. About a month ago we moved her to a big girl bed. When she was in her crib, I used a Woolino sleep sack through the winter and that worked great. Now that she’s in a bed that she can get into and out of freely, I don’t feel the Woolino is safe to walk in or will allow her the freedom of movement to climb into her bed on her own. If we could just get some consistently warm weather instead of this 70s one day, freezing cold rain the next, it would help me immensely to keep the house at a consistent temp!! Does anyone have experience with the sleep sacks that have open feet for walking or any other warm sleepwear suggestions? Would one of those work maybe with socks to keep her feet warm? (She’s not comfortable in footed pajamas because the zipper and snap at the top rub on her neck and annoy her. I’ve tried that option.)

  • Elle
    May 23

    There are a ton of sleep sacks with holes for feet on Amazon. Suggest looking at one that has free returns, so you can give one a try... Another option is to get a $20 space heater for her room. Or, if the vents open/close, close some of the vents or reverse their direction so her room doesn't receive as much cold air.

  • PK
    May 23

    Halo big kids sleepsack

  • Sargie15
    May 23

    Elle... thanks for the input. We live in Minnesota... we’re still running the heat up here... cold air from the vent isn’t the issue. Lol! Everyone else... I’m hoping for recommendations of sleep sacks people have actually used and are happy with them. Thanks.

  • Anonymous
    May 23

    Just do fleece pjs and socks. They make pants and tops options.

  • Kiva
    May 30

    We used the Sleeping Baby Flying Squirrel while my toddler learned to stay under the blanket. He loved it.