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Wanting a third kid?


I’m 34yrs old with boy/girl twins who are 3. I kind of want a third ... but idk if we d be able to handle it. Financially or otherwise + I feel like I’m getting old. Hahaha How did you guys decide to have a second or third or fourth?

  • K
    Aug 22

    I had my FIRST at 34😂, so in my opinion your ahead of the game😁. I am the opposite; had my baby boy first and when we tried fir a second we got 2😳🎀🎀. Finances will always be a worry, no matter what for most of us. If you are not done, you will know it, trust yourself. If you go on to have a singleton and not another set of twins, you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is going to feel compared to what you’ve been through. Imagine running into a store without a huge double stroller or back up, buying only 1 of everything, and soooo many less diapers. I knew I was done, no question no regrets (tubes tied during c section). I love having 3, they are my mini tribe💙💜💜. You will make the decision that’s best for your family....good luck!

  • Aya
    Aug 23

    I'm the opposite as well. Singleton + Twins, 4.5 years apart. I had my twins when I was 39 (they were a surprise) - so you still have a lot of time. My best friend just had the twins + singleton combo, and I agree with the above statement, after having twins, having singletons will be a breeze for you. Especially since by the time you have the baby, the twins will be a bit older. Financially/logistically, we found 2 vs 3 is a big difference - bigger cars, bigger everything. But at least you will have hand-me-downs from your twins :)