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Water park for 16 months old

Hello everyone I am planning to take my 16 month old son to Waterpark for a weekend in March. This will be our first trip to a water park. It's an indoor park as here it will be cold yet. What do you all suggest for things to keep with me? Is there anything to keep in mind just in case? For the trip or the water park fun? Pls share your experiences and suggestions. Thanks on advance..!!

  • Neeraj
    Feb 18

    I took my 18 month daughter to great wolf Lodge and she loved the indoor pools there. Just make sure to limit the water time and give enough drinking water to avoid dehydration. We usually have anti nausea, anti dairrhea and infant Tylenol with us to cover all the bases.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 19

    Is it a resort where you’ll have a room you can go up to for a nap/lunch? If not- we usually bring a wagon so we can let my son lay down and he’ll usually knock out! Bring lots of snacks and water shoes. Extra towels.