WayB car seat

Has anyone considered getting the WayB car seat? https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/meet-pico-the-travel-car-seat-for-kids-2-5-years Or know of something comparable? It looks great for ease of travel but is expensive so I'm wondering if there is a good alternative that is as small/light. Thank you!

  • Laura
    Feb 07, 2019

    Looks great!

  • Anne
    Feb 07, 2019

    I haven't tried that one, but I have two different travel seats for my kids (4 & 5). The BubbleBum which inflates/deflates: https://www.amazon.com/BubbleBum-Inflatable-Booster-Black-Silver/dp/B00AQYZCXK And also the Mifold which just snaps open and closed: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01H5VJKHA Both are good. The Mifold is very small, but a bit heavier. It also doesn't add any height, so it's really only good for kids that are reasonably tall. The BubbleBum adds 2-3 inches of height and kids seem to find it a little more comfortable. I also found it easier to strap in. Both have a back clip that lets you adjust the height of the shoulder strap. I've also heard good things about the RiderSafe vest but have not used one personally.

  • Andrea
    Feb 07, 2019

    We have the Immi Go and love it so far. It’s for a child that is forward facing only and can’t be used on an airplane as it relies on the tether strap to work, but it folds up really small and has worked great for us! https://www.imminet.com/products/immi-go-seat/

  • Joanna
    Feb 07, 2019

    We have the Ride Safer vest. Actually my niece used it 4 years ago (older model) and now my 4 yo uses it whenever he's in my sister's car. My son is too small/light for a Bubble bum or Mifold. I think it's good, light and safe. For airplane travel we have a CARES harness. If your child is on the larger size, I don't think you'll get the value out of the WayB because you'll switch to a no back booster sooner.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 09, 2019

    I’d look into the crash test ratings for all of these. The mifold in particular has terrible crash test ratings. I wouldn’t risk my child’s spine for the sake of convenience.