Santa Monica, CA


We absolutely love the ECC at Beth Shir Shalom! We started our daughter in their 18 month old class during this past summer (2019) without having put her in any daycare or nanny situation previously and she immediately loved it! We took a tour with Robin one morning and signed our daughter up the minute we got home. We knew in our gut it was the right place for us and every minute since has only proven it to be true! Our daughter has never had a single day she wasn't thrilled to go to school, adores her teachers and gets to do such fun activities every single day like playing outside, baking breads and challahs, learning about her Jewish heritage, singing songs, music class, STEM activities, along with all of the normal exposure of learning to play with other kids, sharing, listening, etc. There aren't many schools that take kids at 18 months and we are so fortunate and feel so lucky to have found BSS when we did.