We had a milk spill in the car. I didn’t find it for 2 days. How do I get the stink out? Help!

  • Vicki
    Sep 12

    Throw away the whole car! Was it on the carpet or the seats? Are the seats leather or fabric? You can get the carpets and seats shampooed and I have used zero odor (https://www.zeroodor.com) on old milk spills before. I would recommend trying to wash out as much as you can first.

  • Katrina
    Sep 12

    plain old baking soda is great for removing odors pour it over generously, spray some water rub it in...there's no wrong way to apply it as long as it's on there with a little moisture... let it sit overnight or for a few hours and vacuum it up/wipe it off depending on the material

  • Kieli
    Sep 12

    I second baking soda!! My daughter had the stomach bug once and it worked wonders.

  • E
    Sep 13

    It was on the floor and under the driver’s seat a bit. We did carpet cleaner, air out over night, then baking soda. It worked! I was thinking we would have to get the drivers seat up, but my husband’s long arms got under the driver’s seat.