New York, NY


We have taken 4 classes at City Births. -Daddy bootcamp where dads educate the expecting fathers on what to expect when the child arrives. The men running the class bring their infants with them and conduct the class while demonstrating how to care for a child and still have a life. Diaper change, Bottle feeding, how has their relationship with their wife changed: every question is fair game. The other expectant dads had questions and concerns very similar to my own and it was good to talk about it without my wife sitting right there. -Infant Child CPR- Taught by Vanessa- Fantastic! I have taken CPR Classes before. They have always been something to get through and not particularly fun and engaging. Vanessa presents the information in a way that gives you confidence that you can do this if you have to. Her depth of experience as an EMT and educator comes out in the stories and extra information that makes the information real and applicable. Take the class before you buy your car seat in the city: there are seats that are easier to install in cabs; lots of carseats are great and safe and are just not practical to use in cabs but would be great in your own car. Why should you keep your infant in a bassinet and not in the car seat? take the class and find out. -Child birth prep class- Taught by Meredith- extremely informative, focus on techniques for natural childbirth(what we were looking for) and gave excellent relevant information regarding C-section, epidural, medicalized birth that we hope not to need but it is good to know. Your doctor will give you specific instructions for you and your birth. The information our OB gave us regarding how long to Labor at home what to watch and watch out for, and the information City births provided had no conflicts. -Birth and Beyond (taken by my wife alone, like the daddy bootcamp for moms) taught by Meredith and Linnea- I have heard only positive things from my wife about this class. The Class rooms are comfortable, there are 2 bathrooms, an assortment of snacks, coffee, filtered water, balls, mats and back jacks if you just can't sit in/on the couch or chairs anymore. The classes we have taken have consisted of parents at 4 months pregnant to one of the dads in daddy bootcamp 3 days from his wife's scheduled C-section, moms in their 20's and Moms in their 40's. City Births is wonderful resource and I am glad we found them. We are planning to use them for lactation consulting- the infant care and breastfeeding class.