We just returned home from our 10-day trip to England! We stayed in London, and did a few day trips to Bath, Stonehenge, Windsor, and Watford. We traveled with our kids (5&2). This was their first international vacation, and it was amazing! Thoughts, upon our return: - England's amenities weren't as "child friendly" as the US, but the people were much friendlier to our children! Making room for them, letting them go first in lines, smiling at them, giving seats to them on the train - we stated at a Vrbo townhouse that was very kid friendly; they even had a stash of toys - London's public transit was phenomenal, inexpensive, and easy to figure out - download an offline google map of the area to your phone before you go, and it'll serve you better than any paper map! - free wifi at many places, but not *everywhere*, with careful planning before leaving our house each morning we were able to get by without ever using cell service on our phones - public restrooms are few and far between, and often cost 50p; kids go free but only in the rare instance when there is an attendant to let you in - restrooms in restaurants/shops are usually many flights of stairs away, with teeny tiny stalls, and often a bit of a line of others waiting their turn - no paper towels in restrooms, so I was glad to have a small camp towel (air dryers scare my 2yo) I may have more ideas later; or feel free to ask specific questions and I'm happy to answer!

  • KC♥️
    May 01, 2017

    This sounds lovely! We will have to visit next year. We're planning on going back to Budapest bc it was so lovely there. Thank you for the awesome tips!

  • Anne
    May 01, 2017

    Oh air dryers scare my 2yo too! Camp towel is a great idea 💡