Wedding guest colors

So, I'm attending a wedding soon. I know the traditional rules are to not wear white so I selected a pink sheath. However, I recently found out from the brides mother that the wedding dress is actually a blush pink... the same shade as my sheath. Would it still be appropriate to wear? Or should I return it?

  • Laura
    Apr 04

    Can you add a jacket, or scarf, or belt or something to add different colors to your outfit?

  • Anonymous
    Apr 05

    I would say return it :( I feel like it’s the same as you both wearing white! You want her to stand out not to match

  • J
    Apr 05

    Everyone knew our colors were dark purple and silver and I loved that some of our guest wanted to color coordinate. However, I was an easy bride! I didn’t want to stress over the little things. I guess you could always ask her how she feels?

  • Mama
    Apr 10

    I wouldn’t wear it. The bride picked that color to be unique 🤷🏽‍♀️ sorry 😖

  • Erin
    Apr 11

    I feel like it’s not expected of you to know that info. There will likely be a lot of blush pink dresses there...