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Week 8 growth

My baby is 3 days short of 8 weeks, doesn’t hold her head for long... not on tummy time... but when I hold her for burp, she manages to keep her head up for few seconds.. she doesn’t smile at me or follow object yet and Internet development milestones suggest this as a concern.. should I be worried?

  • Anonymous
    May 30

    I would not worry. Although I’m telling you that even though I’m a worrier myself . But recently my baby was not hitting milestones and I stressed myself out like crazy and then all of a sudden he started hitting them and even some early! But he was a couple months behind on some. So I guess each baby is different! I’m sure she’s perfectly fine!

  • Sarah
    May 30

    What does your pediatrician say? I have a friend whose baby is physically delayed due to her smaller size. With help from a specialist, she has been able to work on different activities that have strengthened her baby physically. Her 7 month old is now starting to catch up with other babies her age. If you are concerned the best thing you can do is ask your pediatrician. He/she knows much more than Google. (And Google can drive you crazy!)

  • Suzy
    May 31

    My mom laughed at tummy time. “None if you did tummy time and you all came out okay!” Albert Einstein didn’t walk or talk till almost four. We don’t all develop at the same rate. Your concerns are normal.

  • Harsha
    May 31

    You made my day!!!