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Weekly nightly leg pain for 1.5 years


My 4.5 year old daughter has been having leg pain at night for at least 1,5 years. She wakes up crying and 50% of the time we can only stop it with medication. On average it happens once per week although this week it's been every day. We have been to as many doctor as we could. No one could find anything. They say it's growing pains. We really can't handle this anymore, she seems to be in so much pain every time and we don't want to give her medicine all the time. Does anyone have any suggestions what we could do?

  • Jennifer
    May 10

    Wow, this is the first time I heard something like this. I'm so sorry to hear. I've just googled this "growing pain" and WebMD says to lessen their daily activity. Muscle pain can be caused from overuse of daily activities such as jumping, running, or climbing. So try to lessen their daily sports activity as well. Also try warm compression or heat pad. I think it seems to be similar to sore muscle pain. You might want to consider a Chiropractor.

  • Jennifer
    May 10

    It seems they all recommend to give your child vitamin D and magnesium, which seems to help. I would also suggest the Epsom Salt Bath which might give your kid some relieve.

  • K
    May 10

    My mother in law told me that my husband had similar pain when he was little. My son has night terrors that seem to happen cyclically, so I thought it may be caused by growth spurts. Try giving her a banana before bed, sound strange but the potassium may help.

  • 2Boys&aDog
    May 10

    Yes, great suggestions. I’ve heard that milk of magnesium is helpful.

  • Victoria
    May 10

    I had the same thing as a kid, they kept telling my mom it was growing pains, then I became an adult and I still have it, they say it’s restless leg syndrome now.

  • Q
    May 11

    I also had this when I was a kid and still have it during adulthood. Now i know when I'm about to have it you get the cramps first so to prevent the pain during sleep i use a electric heating blanket and wrap around my calf and Im fine throughout the night. My toddler son also had the same problem 1 month ago all we did was massage his calf and stretch his leg when he cry in vain we let him sleep with us during that week. Now he is fine

  • Jess
    May 16

    My son had growing pains from 2-3 yo , my best recommendation is heat. We used heat compression on his legs and feet at nap time and bed time , it helped with his pain more then medicine has ever! Best of luck