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Weight loss

Hi mommas! I just had a 4 month old and am struggling with the weight loss. Do any of you lady’s have any tips for me??

  • Kieli
    Apr 24

    I breastfed my daughter, and only lost 20 of the 45 pounds I gained from pregnancy. After I finished bf, I started the keto diet. Low carbs and basically no sugar. I lost 11 pounds in one month, then found out I was pregnant again. My sister in law did the same diet and got down to her goal weight, then started cheating on basically a day to day basis, and was maintaining her weight. It’s very hard, but very rewarding if you want results quickly

  • Christina
    Apr 24

    I did the Keto diet and I lost the weight and then some! I breastfed very little because I didn’t produce as much and it wasn’t a factor, stay away from bad carbs!

  • Hellion
    Apr 25

    Eliminating carbs will do it

  • Anonymous
    May 03

    I ate everything in moderation. And followed this workout every day even if just 5 min. I started with 5 min and slowly increased time to 15-20 min. I started seeing difference after 5 weeks. I also started feeling more energetic. I love these videos as it gives me flexibility to workout at home with baby around