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Weight or age?


Do I go off of weight or age for Motrin? My son is one and 28 pounds..... Infant Motrin goes up to 23 pounds. Children’s Motrin starts at 23 pounds for 2-3 year olds.

  • Sara
    Feb 16

    Infant and children's motrin are the same active ingredient just with different concentrations. You can dose based on weight. I've given my 17 pound 8 month old children's motrin when I didn't have infant -- I just made sure to do the proper dose. At that weight of 28 pounds it's easier for you to give children's motrin and just follow the dosing instruction based on weight on the package.

  • Joanna
    Feb 16

    Weight. Infant Motrin is concentrated while Children's is not.

  • Elle
    Feb 16

    Weight, unless your baby is drastic on scale, like 5th or 95th percentile. Soome things have a time-to-develop component...mostly, though, its a weight thing.