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Well it’s now been 7 hours since last bottle/breast!

Baby had last bottle at 3pm, and now it’s 10pm... I pumped at 9pm to be safe.... and baby is still not interested in eating... 🤷🏻‍♀️ words of encouragement, similar stories, etc.?

  • Kendall
    Jan 17

    Usually when my son is teething or getting a cold he’s not interested in eating. I think it’s ok! If baby is still not interested at all tomorrow (today?) call the ped!!

  • cocomac
    Jan 17

    Thank you!! First I heard that as a possibility!

  • Be
    Jan 24

    Any white spots in the mouth. My baby refused to eat when he got thrush. Also talk to your peds MD too make sure the LO doing ok. Good luck