Albany, CA


We've had our two kids at La Casita for three years now. If you're looking for a daycare / preschool that is centered on love and family, this is the place. Rosa couldn't have a bigger heart and is very focused on the social-emotional. The kids get a lot of experience working out their problems together in a very respectful and age-appropriate way. Rosa has an education background and teaches through experiential learning. The kids will learn about topics for weeks at a time (ie solar system, birds, the dentist, etc): the kids take field trips, read books, do art, create projects all centered on the theme. Rosa lets the kids choose topics they are interested in and then they dive into it. My soon-to-be-kindergartener is very well prepared, knows her letters, can write her name, and is fully bilingual thanks in no small part to Rosa and La Casita! xo