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What age did you begin potty training?

  • Katie
    Apr 08

    A smidge before 2 years - he isn't night trained at 2.5 but he is reliable during the day. I cannot speak highly enough about "Oh Crap" potty training.

  • Kendall
    Apr 08

    Katie- I just bought the book off Amazon!! Thanks for your response :)

  • A
    Apr 08

    I’m thinking about potty training in the next few months- my LO is almost 15 months and I was planning on taking at least a day off and making sure I can work with him on it. He walks really good so I figure around 17 mi it may be time ( he concentrates super hard when he’s going so he knows) we shall l see

  • Amanda
    Apr 09

    Ya I did Oh Crap at 25mo. We were gonna start sooner but I was pregnant so we waited until she was born. My son is 27 mo and reliable during the day. We haven't tackled night training yet. He does fine for nap so I am optimistic.

  • anonymous mom
    Apr 10

    I bought the oh crap book but never seem to have time to read it😭. Story of my life. I read How to Charm a Llama a thousand times a day but don’t have time for the crap book. Anyway, my daughter is 20 months and I plan to start soon.

  • Ian
    Apr 10

    Our daughter was over 3 when we finally buckled down and got it done. That was after two attempts months earlier. This is the time that you should potty train: when it works for you. :)

  • Anonymous
    May 14

    We started on accident when my daughter was about 7.5m mainly because she was constipated. It was easier for her to poop on the toilet rather than her diaper. Now she’s 9m and only goes poop in her diaper when we cannot her to a toilet. She also loves to pee in the toilet too. She’s gotten used to it and we cheer her on every time. If we put her on and she doesn’t need to she will let us know she’s not ready too.