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What age should I start brushing my little ones teeth?

My mom thinks I’m silly for wanting to get my LO a tooth brush at 12 months, but she has 9 teeth already and is eating a lot of different food. I don’t normally give her too much processed sugar, but for her first birthday party this past Saturday she did manage to get her hands on quite a bit throughout the day from multiple family members and her smash cake. aI know some of my babysitters feed her cookies and things that I don’t, so all that sugar without brushing her teeth worries me. Am I just being overly cautious or is it time to introduce brushing to her bedtime routine?

  • Laura
    Apr 18

    Dentists say as soon as they get teeth you should start brushing. It took a little while for our daughter to get used to it but now she does it herself and then gives us a turn to do it for real.

  • Nikki
    Apr 18

    I was also told by the dentist that they should come in for their first check up if they have teeth by 12 months. We do the you do it and then Mommy gets a turn too when brushing!😉

  • Annie
    Apr 18

    Ok thank you so much. I’m going to go pick one up today!

  • Nelly
    Apr 18

    We started once she had about 8 teeth or 1 year-ish. Took a lot a lot of practice. Get a teeth brushing storybook. That helps a lot if they are resistant. Or you can show them by brushing yours too.

  • Chelly
    Apr 20

    I really liked this article on Lucie’s List: There is also one about toddler teeth. I started with a rubber tooth brush around 6 months. Just to get him used to the idea. It was helpful now that he is older to make brushing easier, so my advice is the sooner the better!

  • Janna
    Apr 29

    As soon as the first one pops through.

  • John
    May 23

    As soon as those pearls poke through!