What are some eco-friendly party favors for toddlers?

My little one turns 3 soon and I would love to send home party favors that are useful and eco-friendly. Thank you!

  • Liza M.
    Sep 11

    Seeds to plant!

  • Diana
    Sep 11

    If it’s close friends and family, homemade treats that your child likes with the recipe included. Go on Etsy and find one of their fun crafts using items found outside like sticks and rocks - remember to include instructions. Depending on your budget, wooden puzzles are very appropriate at that age. Do you have a theme? Whatever your theme is may generate more ideas...

  • Ivana
    Sep 11

    I love that you’re thinking about this! I totally dread all the small cheap plastics that are the norm in those things. I’ve included small coloring books and a few crayons, bandanas (part of the theme), and small snack in a little reusable bag.

  • Sandrine
    Sep 11

    Seeds to plant suggestion is the best. My 2 yo had so much fun seeing it grow. Play doh is good too and a little tin case that can be used for storing pencils later on

  • Debra
    Sep 11

    For my kid's 4th b-day, we did art projects and the kids get to bring home what they made and leftover art supplies (stickers, crayons, etc.) went into their goodie bags. The kids didn't miss the candy/plastic toy/bubbles at all.

  • Beverly Vantine
    Sep 12

    Ideas I had included: station to put peanut butter on pine cones and then add bird seeds. Can take home or hang at park if that's where your bday is at; station to plant seeds in tiny terra cotta pots Goodie Bag: Lummi Sticks and a Book. Just put them in a large bin so you don't use plastic bags, and put a sign that says "sticks to jam and a book to read with the fam". The books can either come from your personal collection that you need to clear out, or just go to a local thrift store. You could also get tiny stuff animals from a thrift store/home that and put a sign that says "adopt me". There's also getting a gift card for one scoop of ice cream at a local place

  • Jenny
    Sep 12

    I don’t know if you’re open to just not giving out party favors. I don’t care if there’s a party favor. Plus not giving them out is the eco-friendly option 😉 If you feel you need to give out favors I second the suggestions to give a book or do an art project at the party. Those are both things we’ve done in the past. With the books, I put them in a basket I already had and left them by the door with a sign so people could pick one out.

  • Emily
    Sep 12

    On the topic of seeds... you could do mini plant pots and station to paint/decorate them. Then soil and some different seed choices to plant. And a thank you sign saying something like: Watch me grow! Thanks for celebrating!

  • Chapin
    Sep 13

    Wooden train whistles - they're not super loud, which is also nice. Tiny succulents in tiny pots. Books.