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What are some of the best ways to potty train a 2 years old boy ?

  • Katie
    Oct 21

    We moved him straight to underwear and did the 3 day method.

  • JEaton
    Oct 21

    You can't go wrong with the "Oh Crap potty training" book. Read it before you even start. The biggest key to success will be making sure you're ready to commit 100% to set yourself and your little one up for success. I used the "oh crap" method and my son was potty trained at 23 months.

  • Andrea
    Oct 21

    Great, thank you ladies so much for your advice. He's doing well so far, it's just kicking my husband and I's butts into gear.

  • Teresa
    Oct 22

    We just put him in underwear and he did pee once or twice and he hated the feeling but got over the diaper really fast he is now 2 and 2 months

  • Andrea
    Nov 04

    Thank you for your suggestion, but I personally would feel more comfortable putting him in pull ups first. I will definitely kick our butts into gear. Thank you again.