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What are some of your toddlers favorite activities and or places to go. I want to mix it up!

My daughter is 1 she has been walking since 11 months so she is super active so I was just wanting all the ideas of things to do with her to make sure I can keep her busy 🙂

  • Kristin
    Jan 17

    Parks, Playgrounds, Doing errands like going to the grocery/mall, we signed him up at a baby gym My Gym since he was 10 mos but he likes it more now that he turned 1 yr old, going to the children’s museum & aquarium. My little boy likes the outdoors & being out of the house ever since but the more mobile he gets, the more he wants to do. Check out also this website & social media account Busy Toddler for activity ideas.

  • Elizabeth
    Jan 17

    Following this post. I’m in NY and it’s freezing out...hoping to get good ideas for my 1 year old baby girl and I.

  • Andrea
    Jan 17

    I’m in NY too - Brooklyn! Some local ideas that may translate to other locations - Children’s museum, Whole Foods (the 3rd and Third location has a play area upstairs and food and drink nearby!), library, Ikea - they usually have a play area set up for kids even outside the drop off area for older kids - bonus cheap food too!

  • PK
    Jan 17

    Same as Kristin- we also go to the library occasionally to check out their age appropriate programs. Most libraries usually have a little kids corner with some toys. About once a month we will go play with their toys and check out some books.

  • A
    Jan 17

    The Library is great. They usually have some kind of story time. Our library even has a train set and some toys that they can play with. Malls/Parks/Children’s Museums. Even when it’s cold I bundle my kids up we go play in the snow or I let them splash in puddles when it’s rainy. They get messy ... but they love it and I feel like it’s worth it. At one point when my kids were younger I went to the dollar store and bought all kinds of “sensory activity,” type stuff for cold rainy days. Probably the biggest hit was bins of dry beans or rice and scoopers. Also, made a mess but it did keep them occupied. 😂

  • Activemommy
    Jan 17

    We’re in NY, but if it’s not too cold we go for walks. I point out birds, squirrels, interesting lawn decorations, trees, etc. Playgrounds are her favorite but since it’s cold out we go to the indoor play areas in the mall. We go to the library 3 times a week for music and movement class, mother-goose class, and toddler time. Even if there are no programs I might stop by because the children’s area usually has toys different from what we have at home and she likes variation. Im not sure how it is in your area, but sometimes I check out Facebook events for family and kids events. There are things going on almost everyday. We also have a farm close by, my daughter loves to go see the animals; and we go to the Children’s museum.

  • Diana
    Jan 17

    Last year, when she was 1, I was surprised by her favorites: she loved gardens, just looking at the colorful flowers.... and she adored the modern art museum (I don’t really enjoy looking at the blotch of blue paint they call “art” in the modern art wing... but baby loved it!). And she loved being anywhere crowded where she could sit and watch people. And liked (and actually sat through.... unlike now where she’s up and running) entire live theater performances)

  • RK
    Jan 25

    My 1 yo loves to play with old containers (food containers) and to put stuff in/dump out. He often needs help opening caps, but it's a cheap and really fun activity for that age :)

  • Katie
    Jan 26

    My 2 year old loves the natural history museum, which really surprised me because I always found them boring as a child. We go almost weekly, and generally spend 2-3 hours each time. He likes talking to me about the taxidermied exhibits, and identifying the animals. We visit "Lucy" and the dinosaurs. They also have a children's play room that is great (play dinosaurs, various puzzles, some amphibians/spiders in aquariums, and "fossil dig" sand table). Ours also has a nice, but small, live animal habitat component outside for native species like otters. He doesn't tolerate the planetarium or the "natural phenomena" parts of the museum yet. Odds are good you have something similar near you, maybe try it out.