What are some STEM activity ideas to do at home with toddlers? Thank you!

  • Jade
    Aug 28

    I haven’t tried this yet but apparently you can build a structure using toothpicks and jelly beans! Your kiddos might need to be a little older for that one though in case the materials are unsafe for their age. This looked like a great list for little ones. Lots of sensory play and getting them to think critically about what they are holding/feeling/seeing. Have fun! 🙂

  • PK
    Aug 28

    My son likes the “sink or float” activity. We have a water table. So I would bring various objects outside and he would guess if it would sink or float and then test it out. You can do this in the bath tub or even just with a big bucket of water outside. This mom I follow on Instagram (@busytoddler) also has great STEM activity ideas. Color mixing. Playing with vinegar and baking soda with colors. Some math stuff (but more for older ones). Sensory bins. Like the link posted above, best way to learn at this age is just through play and have parents be there to encourage critical thinking by pointing things out and asking questions

  • Rachelle
    Aug 29

    Honestly I’ve just been looking up Montessori at home on the web and YouTube especially the dollar store stem ideas so then if my son doesn’t like it I’m not heartbroken. Montessori pretty well focuses on stem and life skills through practice play (cooking cleaning etc.) my son at twenty months loves getting his own juice and snacks and picking what ever he wants to explore off of the shelf and putting it back when he’s done.

  • Susan
    Nov 18

    There's a place that has classes for kids and parents that will give you ideas on how to do STEM, cooking, and art activities with your kids.