What are some things to know about postpartum

My friend is having a baby and I was wondering what are some things everyone wished they would have known about after giving birth? I have already shared with her my experience just kind of curious what others thought on the subject as well.

  • Claire

    So sweet of you! I wish I had nursing pads and proper nursing bras at the ready. I leaked all the time and felt uncomfortable. Lacticups can catch milk in your bra, too. Nipple butter (Earth Mama brand is great!) helps as well. I got mastitis and an abscess from a clogged duct or infection — I wish I advocated for my needs sooner. Say yes to all offers of help! I took pride in being independent and self-reliant. It is amazingly humbling to have the gift of a village in times of support! Best of luck; greatest gift in the world <3

  • Julie

    I wish I’d known that breastfeeding was hard work and that it doesn’t always come easy. I wish I’d known that it’s okay to feed formula and I wasn’t a bad mom if I did do it. I ended up exclusively pumping for a year and supplementing with formula. I wish I’d been more prepared and would have been able to “make it work” at the breast.

  • Anonymous

    Looking back I wish I wasn’t so strict and dead set on trying to get him on a schedule so he would sleep better. He’s a great sleeper now BUT will only sleep in his bed, never on the go or even in his stroller. I was so obsessed with getting good naps/sleep through the night that I wouldn’t go places just so it wouldn’t mess with his schedule 🙄 sleep is important for babies but so is flexibility

  • becky

    Nap when your baby naps!!!! Lower your standards for a clean home and getting chores done. Take time for yourself however you can. ASK FOR HELP. Having a baby is hard

  • Kieli

    With my first, I didn’t realize how much pain I would be in. I had second degree tearing from my daughter being born with her thumb in her mouth. My husband had to bring our mattress downstairs, so I could sleep in my bed. I didn’t take a real shower at home for about a week because I couldn’t go up the stairs. And when I did finally go up the stairs, it was literally one step at a time, and I had to break every couple of steps. So thankful I had my husband and MIL to help for 2 weeks

  • Cathy

    This is a great post. While your baby is first - so is Mama. Sleep when you can. And - tell your SO to keep an eye on you if there’s any changes that you’re not able to see in yourself.

  • Elle

    Post. Partum. Doula.

  • PK

    I wish I knew it could take several days for your milk to come in and then several weeks to establish a supply to keep up with your kid (I exclusively pumped). I was so hard on myself for not breastfeeding from the get go and the lactation consultants in the hospital didn’t help either. Also give her an FYI about tongue ties and lip ties that can make breastfeeding hard for kids. Also... if something doesn’t feel right when you get home, see a dr right away!! I had trouble breathing and I was trying to ignore it. Turns out my body wasn’t getting rid of fluid I retained fast enough and it was seeping into my lungs making it difficult to breathe. I was given prescription diuretics. Mastitis is a b****. If you get clogged ducts often, look into taking soy lecithin. Don’t wait to get antibiotics if you do get mastitis.

  • Rebecca

    I wish I’d known its ok to use formula to supplement and real milk takes a few days and when baby cries for food. A fed baby is better than a starving baby. I wish I’d known about freezing some pads with witch hazel in the freezer or newborn diapers is a huge pain reliever. And ask for and take all the help that is provided. Ask for help in the hospital make your recovery at the hospital a priority and get sleep. It seems it’s all about baby not mom. So advocate for moms sleep there.

  • A

    Not to get anxious and upset that milk didn't come in immediately. And all the people around repeatedly asking me why my milk didn't come in right after birth were just ignorant. It took me 2 days for few drops to come in and few weeks to produce enough for my 9 lb baby. He was on formula for the first week and then ebf for 1 year. Now I know he would be fine either way. The incessant pumping (to make the milk come in), the constant worry and stress and the scheduled pumping doesn't really help. Take it easy and hold the baby and nurse. It'll happen when it'll happen and it's fine even if it doesn't.

  • Jennifer

    Your baby is fine. Your doing great and the housework will eventually get done. Take time to heal and bond with your baby

  • Megan

    Stock up on these! Dermoplast Spray and Tucks Pads! Luckily our hospital gave these out along with the ice packs for your area! Ask every nurse on every shift for more! They have no issues giving you lots for your at home care. They worked wonders on my vaginal deliveries. I’m sorry I can’t give advice about c-section healing. But also, with my first I had some tearing and needed a stitch from ripping.... it was awful. But it all hurt down there so I didn’t know exactly where the tears were. And I didn’t think to ask the nurses. But a week postpartum I made my poor husband take a picture of what was happening down there. Thank the Lord cause than I knew exactly where I needed the medicine and it alleviated sooo much pain an I feel made it heal quicker.

  • J

    i had a c-section and while i internally told myself to take it easy, it was really hard to do. you have to be forgiving to yourself - especially with your first.