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What are your views on the Kindercare daycare chain?

  • Beth
    Mar 06, 2018

    I’ve heard good things about it but it can be expensive!

  • Casey
    Mar 06, 2018

    The daycare my sons (4 years and 8 weeks) goes to was bought by kindercare and I absolutely love it. Yes its expensive but they do so much with the kids. They really work on education with the kids and are always making sure they have fun while learning.

  • Theresa
    Mar 06, 2018

    I worked there for 8 years. I’m that time I have worked at two centers and visited several others. It really depends on your district and the director.

  • Linda
    Mar 06, 2018

    I heard that too on pricing but it seems so cheap compared to other places I've visited. I live in Chicago and most of the places I've seen are$400-$500 a week compared to kinder which is $250

  • Marina
    Mar 06, 2018

    I worked there for 6 years - in that time I worked at 5 centers (only 1 move was my choice), had 5 district managers, 8 directors... I was at my last location for 2 years and had 3 directors. The curriculum is fantastic and very well done. Unfortunately, in my experience there, teachers were expected to watch the kids, carry out the curriculum, maintain not only basic cleanliness/ program displays but also deep cleaning of the classes, etc while hours were consistently cut. There was a lot of pressure to cut hours while the expectations were through the roof. It was constantly a double edge sword. I worked with many amazing and loving teachers. As a chain, it's fine and worth it as long as the DM & director are good... ask about turn over at the particular center. Ask teachers how long they have been there. During the tour, see every class and meet the teachers and talk to them. You'll know if it's a good stable one or not.

  • lisa
    Mar 06, 2018

    I also worked there. I would add ask about if they have a designated cook and designated bus drivers . If not teachers are pulled out of the classrooms to do these jobs meaning less consistency for your kids. The curriculum is great it's mostly about the staff at the particular center you go to.

  • Lisa
    Mar 06, 2018

    I would say be sure to tour the facility. I toured my local Kindercare, and it was so quiet in the 18 month to 3 year old room you could hear a pin drop... the kids all seemed board and were just standing around not even talking to each other and mind you this is a room sectioned into 3 classrooms with I would guess about 30 kids in the room... food for thought!

  • Anonymous
    Mar 07, 2018

    We toured one of their facilities and really loved it! Julie, what are you looking for in a daycare/learning center?

  • anonymous mom
    Mar 07, 2018

    Thank you everyone. Anon, I send my baby to a kindercare center that’s offered through my work as a work benefit. Only full time and contracted employees of my company can send their kids there. I can only speak for the infant room but I will say that I agree with the other posters, her two main teachers are absolutely top notch. They are very loving and sweet and truly try their best. However they are extremely over worked and there is obviously tons of pressure on them to do more with less. My husband and I met with the director a few weeks ago and I feel like the meeting was useless. She listened and then gave a bunch of excuses why they were operating the way they do. What I’m looking for is more investment in the infant rooms. I walk by the older kids rooms and see tons of engaged, happy kids. I walk in the infant room and everyone is crying and there are two teachers tending to 8 kids with no additional support. At least one day a week when I pick up my baby she’s crying. Also at least one day a week I pick up my baby and she’s literally zoned out staring at the ceiling like she’s been left alone forever while the teachers are taking care of other kids. When I come into the room and there are alternate teachers it’s bad. There are a few I know but for the most part I have no idea who they are and who is taking care of my baby. Just last week I went in and neither dedicated teacher was there and the alternate turned and talked to another baby and said, “(baby’s name) your mommy’s here!” I said, “no I’m not her mom, I’m hers.” And picked up my baby. Then the teacher has no idea what my baby’s name even was. So how do I know that she even fed my baby the right bottles or changed her on schedule?? It gives me no confidence. I also went in last week and there was a guy sitting in the floor playing with a baby and making a pointed effort not to make eye contact with me or any other adult. I brushed it off, assuming he was a dad. Well the next day I went in and he was strapping babies in a buggy to give them rides around the school. I said hello and again he refused eye contact and kind of muttered a hi back to me. The two interactions just didn’t sit well with me at all. I think I’m open minded but I don’t appreciate teachers, even alternates, who don’t make eye contact and seemingly have personality disorders taking care of my baby. Finally I am looking for a center that wants to go above and beyond. As I mentioned this place I send my baby to is a company benefit. I don’t feel that it benefits me or my baby in any way to send her there. The positives are the amazing dedicated teachers and also the fact that the facility is located on a locked down campus just three minutes drive from the building where I work. I’m currently trying to reconcile my feelings to see if I should continue to bring my baby here.

  • Katie
    Mar 07, 2018

    I worked at one for awhile and was less than impressed. I would not send my child to a Kindercare. I do not like hos they do they curriculum, I prefer it to be fit to the students rather than a mass package from corporate who doesn't know my child. I also felt like none of the teachers were really involved.

  • Cynthia
    Mar 27, 2018

    My son went to Kindercare as an infant and i did like it. It was more expensive than other daycares but i liked how the facility looked (clean, secure) and very nice staff. They also had their own kitchen which meant once they ate solids, they would provide them food which is something i didn’t see any other daycare offer. We left only b/c we had decided to keep him home and save some money. That lasted a short time and then he returned to a different daycare b/c i switched jobs making Kindercare out of the way for us. I would say you just need to go and check it out! See if it is a place you like.