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What can my son eat at 5 Months?


I know the cans say they are for 8 months and up but my son really seems interested in the food his dad and I are eating. Would it be okay to give him stuff like the pictures I posted?

  • Elle
    Feb 14

    Those arrowroot biscuits are great! We gave them to our kid at 5month, and she loves them. (It certainly wasnt her first food, or something she gets more than 1/day) Also, scrambled eggs, banana, avocado, PB, sweet potato, bean mash, etc.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 14

    Thank you so much 😊

  • Sabrina
    Feb 14

    My son eats whatever I eat. And has since he was 4mo. Obviously no honey, sea food, etc but mostly anything we eat he can eat too.

  • Tiana
    Feb 14

    If you give your kids those crunchies, there’s a chance he will resist other food, real food. That was my number one regret with my first son. The high salt/sugar, and low nutritional content of these snacks aren’t worth the battle. Give him gum-able foods. Banana, mashed sweet potato, apple sauce, etc.

  • Bailey
    Feb 15

    I agree with Valerie, there really no nutritional value in these at all. They’re more to teach how to chew and eat. However, I found a brand called Sprouts(that I can only find at Publix) that makes lil crunchies from broccoli so they actually have nutritional value! Also, baby can pretty much eat whatever you eat besides the high allergens and honey of course. My daughter has been eating finger foods from the start. Look into baby led weaning. 😋

  • Anonymous
    Feb 15

    Thank you ladies so much

  • Beatrice
    Feb 16

    Biscuits I would wait a bit longer they are hard my son couldn’t bite it at that age the lil crunchies are good just break them

  • Mama
    Feb 17

    I would look into baby led weaning. If you have an Instagram it’s @babyledwean team. Sounds like you guys would benefit.